Creanimate | Animated Video and the Benefits for Healthcare Organizations
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Animated Video and the Benefits for Healthcare Organizations

Why Animated Video?

Educate and Engage

In the ever-evolving digital age, it has become increasingly important for healthcare professionals and businesses to engage current and potential customers more effectively. When looking for a powerful marketing tool that helps attract prospective patients, educate people, inspire patient confidence and cultivate healthy relationships with staff, physicians and the healthcare community – animated video provides a perfect avenue to this.

What We Do

Create Impactful Videos

From simplifying communication to conveying complex information in a way that is more memorable and impactful – a health care video serves as a veritable tool for those in the healthcare industry. With over 8 years of experience and over 2000+ videos made, Creanimate can provide custom made videos tailored to your organizations communicational goals.

Example Video
Asthma Education directed at Parents

Example Video
Asthma Education directed at Children

Example Video
Asthma Education in other Language

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Humanize Healthcare

A lot of people do not feel comfortable with going to hospitals or clinics. Infact, most people associate hospitals with negativity. While this fear is natural, many patients would love to associate with healthcare professionals who care about their patients’ well –being and are willing to spend quality time innovating their skills to make patients’ quality life better. Healthcare videos are veritable tools healthcare marketers can use to emphasize compassion, so that patients can be more receptive to the idea of visiting the hospital.

Transform the Healthcare Learning Environment

Healthcare training videos help keep health care professional abreast of latest information, procedures and practices in the health care industry. More than 66% of physicians use online videos to stay abreast of the latest clinical information, spending an average of 11 hours per week on professional training and development. The good thing about this is that healthcare workers are able to access educational resources that are both convenient and cost-effective.

Bring Marketing Goals to Life

Video is an incredible tool, and could play a big role in the future of healthcare if optimally harnessed. Even though the ability to combine images with sound is now more than a century old, the process is still remarkably more effective than other means of communication. You do not to waste any more time in joining the video marketing trend. By utilizing video, you will be able to exhibit and market your health care specialty, expertise, and experience to a large audience in a manner that is both covenient and cost-effective.

Educate patients on Healthcare

Video is a perfect way to supplement your patient education efforts. Videos allow you to educate patients about procedures and services you offer, provide easy-to-follow guidance on chronic condition management and translate complex health concepts into an engaging format that they can be easily understood. Videos can also be used to relay information about aliments, symptoms and self-diagnosis, thereby offering more self-sufficiency in people’s ability to care for themselves. Focusing on a particular health issue or procedure, such as diabetes, or cosmetic surgery has been found to be very effective in marketing the specialties and expertise potential patients are looking for.

Simplify Social Learning

The health care sector is a very demanding one. As such all organizations within the industry are expected to tap into the full expertise of each member of their teams by providing avenues for them to share institutional knowledge among themselves. Videos are excellent in simplifying the sharing process and help to make those important resources available for every member of the organization to find, whenever and wherever they’re needed. It may be physicians showing in detail exactly how to work through an assessment or diagnosis, an administrator sharing the right way to enter data into the institution’s records systems, or virtually anything else.

Maintain a Robust Library of resources

Healthcare businesses use videos to create a rich and secure library of resources that can be accessed by any one at any point in time. This makes diffusion of knowledge a lot easier.

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